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Panchadashi Lesson - E0315: Classification of Activities

Module - E
Unit - E03
Lesson - E0315: Classification of Activities
By Raja Subramaniyan

Statement 54: Activities are classified as Professional, Service, Personal and Social Activities.

Professional activities are those, which are done for the sake of earning money, name, fame, people, power, position, prosperity, property, wealth, status, rewards and awards and include all the salaried jobs, business, commercial activities, sports, arts and science.

Service activities include social service, community work, donation/ gifts for a good cause, environment protection and animal welfare activities.

Personal activities include eating, taking bath, work out in a gym, reading, studying, watching television, playing solitaire etc.

Social Activities include partying, going out to movie with others, chatting with friends, visiting a relative, playing games that involve more than one person etc.

Statement 55: Activities can be good, bad, or neutral.

Good Actions are those actions that results in measurable benefit to others and will include the following.
Kindness to all living beings
Respecting nature including all inanimate objects
Showing due respect to elders in the society, being hospitable to guests
Helping neighbors, colleagues and all human beings
Feeding the poor, providing shelter and clothing to the needy
Helping students to pursue their education
Cleanliness and purity in all actions
Thoughtful consideration of all beings and things
Kindness, friendliness and compassion towards all living beings
Reading and understanding the Scriptures
(In short how an individual expects others to behave are called Good Actions)

Bad Actions are those actions that harm or hurt others and include the following:
Stealing and misappropriation
Violence and killing
Harming others through lying and untruthfulness
Violating the private space of others
Amassing wealth being greedy, cheating, exploiting others
Not respecting the elders in the society
(In short how an individual expects others not to behave are called Bad Actions)

Neutral actions are those which do not affect other living beings either way.

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