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Panchadashi Lesson - E0314: Action and Activities in Life

Module - E
Unit - E03
Lesson - E0314: Action and Activities in Life
By Raja Subramaniyan

Statement 51: Activity Based Learning is the focus of the Scriptures

Every religion in the world has its own version of the Scriptures, just as different schools in the world have their own curriculum. However, the ultimate objective of all the religions/ Scriptures is to ensure the progress of human beings from the current level to the next higher level.

The curriculum in a school guides the overall development of the student. Similarly, the Scriptures form the curriculum in the school of life. It guides the growth of intelligence in each level so that human beings move up until they reach the final level.

Learning in the school of life happens through activities and it can be termed as "Activity Based Learning".

In a school environment, the conventional teaching (theory classes) by the teacher is supported by various activities (experiments in labs). These activities aid the students to learn more effectively.

In the case of life, the learning is mostly activity based (varied experiences) and conventional teaching is comparatively very less.

The ONLY purpose of all the human beings in the world is to gain more intelligence. The ONLY way of gaining more intelligence is to perform activities. In addition, the Scriptures guide human beings in doing the activities according to the prescribed plan that is designed to ensure maximum learning.

Statement 52: Activity means any action that is done intentionally.

Action includes any of the following done intentionally.
Reading/ Writing
Speaking/ Listening/ Talking
Doing any physical action

And intentionally abstaining from not doing any of the above action

Involuntary actions are not included in the definition of 'action'. Following are not considered as action: Sleeping, dreaming, sneezing and coughing

Statement 53: Human beings are bound to do action.

It is not possible for any human being to exist without doing action since all are bound to the Eternal Cycle of Action - Result - Imprints - Desires - Action.

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