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Panchadashi Lesson - E0212: Self-dependence

Module - E
Unit - E02
Lesson - E0212: Intelligence Level 4 - Self-dependence
By Raja Subramaniyan

Statement 44: Those who seriously seek the answer to the question "Who is God?" belong to this level.

When someone starts a serious enquiry on the question "Who is god" or "Who am I", he will enter this level. In order to enter this level the human being must have completed all the previous levels successfully.

Statement 45: The unique feature of this level is the faith in the Scriptures.

The knowledge that the Scriptures hold the key to Joyful Living and it can be obtained only through the grace of a compassionate and competent teacher.

Composition: All the five senses are under the control of the Mind
Mind is controlled by Intelligence
Intelligence is guided by the Scriptures/ teacher
Strong will power combined with wisdom.

Statement 46: The primary goal in life will be to understand the essence of the Scriptures.

He will start learning the Scriptures under the guidance of a teacher.

For the first time all the three basic goals (Immortality, Joyful Living and gaining more skill/intelligence) seem to be completely attainable. Therefore, the desire to reach the destination will increase day by day.

All the actions will be motivated by the single desire to know God.

He will start reading the Scriptures systematically under the guidance of a competent teacher.

He will reflect on the truth contained in the Scriptures until the mind is completely devoid of any doubts on the validity of the teaching.

Removal of wrong knowledge and application of right knowledge in all the dealings in the day-to-day life

Statement 47: Absorption of the ultimate knowledge is the sign to move up to the next level.

Once the knowledge is gained, one should learn to live by the highest knowledge. It is a very difficult task. All along he has lived with lower level of knowledge. So it will be difficult for him to be steady on the right knowledge all the time, while dealing with the world.

For this purpose, he needs to do meditation on the right knowledge. This meditation is different from conventional meditation. It is a moment-to-moment living meditation, which needs to be done during the entire waking period until it becomes natural. Once this is done, mere living is meditation.

This is the final level in the school of life. Once this is completed, one has reached all the goals in life.

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