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Panchadashi Lesson - E0210: World Dependence

Module - E
Unit - E02
Lesson - E0210: Intelligence Level 2 - World Dependence
By Raja Subramaniyan

Statement 35: Those who have personal assets belong to this level.

Statement 36: The unique feature of this level is the continuous effort put in by the people to convert the luxuries into necessities of life.

They will continue to learn and work to increase their knowledge and skill levels for increasing their personal wealth.

An individual will start comparing his status with everyone around. What is required for him is no longer measured in absolute terms. His requirements will become relative to the possessions of the people around him. He will not be satisfied until he has the best of everything.

Composition: All the five senses are under the control of the Mind
Mind is controlled by Intelligence
Intelligence is employed to meet mental satisfaction and sense pleasures
A very strong will power

His personal preferences brought from the previous level, are strengthened. With his increased level of intelligence, he is now more capable to meet the demands of the sense organs. As a result, his preferences will become finer.

His environment/ culture/ society have an impact on his actions. He does what is 'respectable'. More such actions make his personality stronger and more vibrant.

In addition, he develops new skills that are not directly related to his profession, like music, art and such.

Statement 37: The primary goal in life is prosperity.

Prosperity includes gaining more Name/ Fame/ Wealth/ Prosperity/ Property/ Position/ Power/ People (Relatives and Friends) / Money/ Awards / Rewards

Getting mental satisfaction and fulfillment of sensory pleasures are considered as incidental benefits of achieving the primary goal.

Each individual develops a core competency so that the progress towards the primary goal is faster.

Although all of them want to achieve all the three basic goals (Immortality, Joyful Living and to gain more skill/intelligence) they are under the impression that their primary goal (More money etc) in life will increase their ability to achieve these three basic goals.

Statement 38: Actions are done for increasing the intelligence.

They work to increase their intelligence to meet the primary goal of life in this highly competitive world. They continuously plan to use the available time and other resources effectively, trying to maximize the return on investment.

The individual will start accumulating personal wealth for the sustenance and growth of his individual self and the family. Even the family is seen as the personal possession.

Statement 39: The knowledge that material prosperity will never take them to their primary goal is the sign of moving on to the next level.

When people recognize the existence of God, and realize that individual achievements are insignificant compared to the God's creation, they will be ready to progress to the next level.

In this level in order to compete in the world one would have worked very hard. As a result, he would have achieved a very high order of intelligence. (It takes quite a lot of work to achieve this). With this superior intelligence, one will be able to see that he was chasing a mirage all along.

The moment one realizes that Immortality and Joyful Living will not come about by amassing material wealth, he moves to the next level.

Suppose he dies before moving on to the next level, he is born again in the same level with the entire package of

1. Accumulated results of good/ bad actions
2. Accumulated knowledge and skill (Intelligence)
3. Accumulated Personal Preferences (His personality)

Until he gets the required qualifications, he will continue to be in the same level.

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