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Panchadashi Unit - E02: Classification of Living Beings

Module - E
Unit - E02: Classification of Living Beings
By Raja Subramaniyan

On completion of this Unit, the student will be able to
(a) State the six different levels of living beings
(b) Understand the steps in evolution (from Level 1 to Level 5)
(c) See why the anomalies in the world cannot be wiped out.

Notes to the teacher:
It is generally believed that it is possible to bring about a utopia where the whole world will live in a harmony without any social evils like war, hunger etc. It should be emphasized that this can never become the reality.

It should be explained that the environment and opportunities in life play a very limited role in the growth of Intelligence. Also the economic prosperity is not directly related to the level of Intelligence. Therefore, the level of intelligence will always vary leading to disparities in the society.

Unit Test:
1. What is the need of classifying people according to the level of intelligence? (Lesson 6)
2. List the names of the profiles from Intelligence Level 1 to 5 (Lesson 6)
3. How do YOU know that you may not be holding the highest level of truth?
4. Why are there multiple versions of the truth? (Lesson 7)
5. Discuss the general profile, composition, goals and actions of people belonging to Level 1 to 5.
6. Is it possible for someone to move from Level 1 to 5 in one life time?
7. Why is it that people in Level 1 and Level 5 do not have any goals in life?

Answers could be sent to the author for validation.

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