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Panchadashi Lesson - E0105: Human Pursuits

Module - E
Unit - E01
Lesson - E0105: Human Pursuits
By Raja Subramaniyan

If we analyze the following three basic goals of all living beings, it will be clear that the ONLY purpose in life is to gain more intelligence.

Statement 16: All living beings want to be immortal.

Every living being wants to exist forever and none is willing to die. To achieve the goal of immortality all living beings strive to keep fit (seeking right food etc) and protect oneself from the dangers in the environment. Disease and ageing seem to pull us away from immortality. (However, attempts are being made to reduce the impact). The need to reproduce seems to be a poor substitute (to immortality) since as of now mortality appears to be unavoidable.

Statement 17: All living beings want to be happy all the time.

Every living being wants to be happy all the time. All of them want to avoid physical/ mental sufferings at any cost. Given a choice, a dog will sit under the shade and not under the hot sun. Thus, all the living beings will seek sense pleasures (Good food/ environment/ companionship/ entertainment/ comforts) and freedom. They are willing to exert their body/mind complex and do whatever is possible within their capability to live joyfully forever

Statement 18: All living beings want to become more intelligent

Every living being wants to excel all the time. The principle of survival of the fittest is derived from the instinct of living beings to excel and not to be contended with whatever they have.

It is apparent that the level of achievement of the first two goals is limited by the achievement of the third goal.

For example,

Average life span is increasing with the growth in medical sciences.

Intelligence has brought the cave man in to concrete cities giving incomparable protection and comforts.

Statement 19: Progressing to higher order of intelligence is the only purpose.

Since Immortality and Eternal Happiness is possible only thorough gaining higher level of intelligence, we can state increasing the intelligence as the only purpose of life. By constantly increasing their capability (To be more intelligent), all human beings consciously or unconsciously are progressing towards achieving the first two goals (Immortality and Joyful Living).

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