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Panchadashi Lesson - D0214: Suggested Solution

Module - D
Unit - D02
Lesson - D0214: Suggested solution to my problems
By Raja Subramaniyan

Statement 23: The solution to my problems is in understanding God's creation.

Understanding the true nature of God's creation is a three-step process.

Statement 24: I need to Study the Scriptures under the guidance of a teacher

Step 1: Consistent and systematic study of the Scriptures under a competent guide for considerable length of time.

Statement 25: I need to reflect on the teaching and clear my doubts.

Step 2: Reflecting on the central theme of the Scriptures until the knowledge becomes strong without any shade of doubt.

Statement 26: I need to internalize my understanding through meditation

Step 3: Meditating on the true knowledge until the true knowledge is guiding me in creating my world.

God's creation is not the absolute reality. It is an illusion. Just as dream world belongs to a lower order of reality, the 'real' world also belongs to a lower order of reality in comparison with ONE. Once this knowledge guides me, I will not give undue reality to the God's world while creating my world.

Therefore, my world will always be devoid of any problems. I will not run after anything nor run away from anything in God's creation.

Example: If I know that the 'fresh grapes' in the drawing room are made out of plastic, I will not be tempted to eat it. Nor I will be disappointed that I am not able to eat it. On the other hand, if I continue to think that they are real, my mouth will start watering. I will be waiting for my host to offer them to me or I will make a fool of myself by attempting to eat it since I have an image of real thought-grapes (my creation) in my mind.

Thus, understanding the God's creation in the right perception helps me to create my world appropriately and therefore it will be devoid of any problems.

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