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Panchadashi Lesson - D0103: Facts from Scriptures - I

Module - D
Unit - D01
Lesson - D0103: Facts from the Scriptures - I
By Raja Subramaniyan

Statement 5: Creation is a continuous activity

Whenever we talk about creation, we assume that it is an historical event, which happened in a distant past. This is not true. The Scriptures declare that it is an ongoing continuous process of evolution and dissolution, which is happening here and now. This declaration is confirmed by science as well. Expansion of the universe from Big Bang and contraction back into singularity is one of the many conclusions arrived at by the scientists.

This cycle of creation, sustenance and dissolution is happening continuously.

The correct word for creation therefore is manifestation.

Example: Flag hoisting does not create the flag. The flag is already there and when it is unfurled, we see a shape/ color and name it as 'Indian flag'. After the event, the flag is folded back and tied to the pole. Then people do not see any flag flying but it does not mean it is not there.

Similarly, the universe is the manifested state of ONE, which is always there. Unlike the flag which was created in time, ONE is eternal and has never been created. Therefore, there is no 'first creation of universe". It is manifested and resolved in an endless cycle in line with the actions of the human beings as explained in subsequent lessons.

Statement 6: Creation is an illusion

There is nothing but ONE, which is beyond the concepts of time, space and causation. ONE has a power called Illusion using which it manifests the universe that appears to be real.

To create this universe, there is no need of any action (by ONE) since creation belongs to a lower order of reality.

Example: In order to create a dream world in our sleep, we do not do any action. A mere wish (although unintentional) brings up the dream world.

Similarly, ONE creates this universe through mere wish/desire.

Note: This desire of ONE is of different nature compared to the desires of ignorant human beings. Human beings desire to perform action to achieve fulfillment. Their desire is born out of a sense of incompleteness.

The desire of ONE is an expression of its nature. (Similarly, the desires of the human beings who have gained the ultimate knowledge is an expression of their nature)
Prior to the creation, the universe was part of ONE. After the creation, it appears to be different than ONE.

Example: A cup of milk is made into curd. Prior to the creation of curd, it was potent in the milk. After creation of curd, the milk is not lost. It now appears in the form of curd.

In this example, the milk undergoes a change to become curd. However, in case of ONE, it does not undergo any change to create a universe out of it.

Thus, the nameless, changeless, attribute less, eternal, infinite ONE appears to be the universe after creation.

Universe is not a real substance but it is just a name and form superimposed on ONE.

Example: A snake is seen on a rope lying in darkness. In reality the snake does not exist but it appears to be real due to the semi darkness.

Similarly, in reality the universe does not exist but it appears to be real due to the Delusion of the human beings.

Statement 7: I exist eternally and I am immortal.

God and Living beings are reflections of ONE and therefore they are eternal. In other words, the fact is I exist all the time (I am beyond time) and the questions on creation of the universe and my birth into the world are born out of Delusion.

Therefore, when we talk about creation we refer to the universe consisting of inert objects. No living beings are created in time. They exist eternally. When the universe is in the manifested stage, the living beings have a physical body to live in the universe. When the universe is dissolved, the living beings continue to exist in potent/ seed form. They will be in hibernation until the universe is manifested again.

Example: The Ground Squirrel is known to hibernate for over 200 days, meaning it will show no sign of life during this period and then come back to 'life' when the environment is warm enough for them.

Similarly, all the living beings go through some sort of hibernation when the universe is dissolved into singularity and wait to spring back into life when the universe is manifested at an appropriate time.

Just as we sleep in the night and get up in the morning to continue our life, the universe gets resolved and manifested repeatedly and therefore the living beings live eternally.

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