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Panchadashi Lesson - C0611: Immortality

Module - C
Unit - C06
Lesson - C0611: Immortality
By Raja Subramaniyan

If we identify ourselves with the physical sheath we are mortals and finite. However, the moment we know the truth that, we are not the sheaths but the subject, which experiences everything, and then we know we are immortal and infinite.

Example: As long as our friend from Alaska thinks about the coconut on the tree, it is big and unbreakable for him. However, the moment he thinks about the inner core it is tender and edible.

I am not a human being seeking spiritual experience but I am a spiritual being temporarily having human experience. As a spiritual being, I am immortal and infinite and my human experience is mortal and limited.

Statement 33: I am Immortal

If we look around, everything we see is mortal, including the universe. It is scientifically proved that all these are changing all the time and slowly moving towards their death. It is logical that whatever begins in time has to end in time. There cannot be a birth date without a death date. Everything is mortal.

There is only one exception: Myself.

If I question myself as to when I started to exist, the answer will be 'I do not know'. It means I exist all the time.

Example: On landing in America, Columbus asks one of the natives "When did you come here?" He answers, "I do not know" because the natives have been there all the time.

Similarly, since I cannot recall when I started existing, I should have been existing all the time. That means I am immortal.

Immortal is to be present in all three tenses, present, past and future.

It also means to remain changeless. Anything that changes is bound to get extinct in time.

I was young, now I am old (refers to the physical sheath)
I was sick, now I am healthy (refers to the physiological sheath)
I was angry, now I am calm (refers to the psychological sheath)
I was stupid, now I am intelligent (refers to the intelligence sheath)
I was suffering, now I am happy (refers to the happiness sheath)

In all these statements, we see the sheaths are undergoing changes. The 'I', which is changeless, is the one who can observe the changes. If I was also changing then there is no way the changes of the sheaths can be observed.

Finally, in order to observe the mortality of something, there should be something else, which lives longer.

For example if a pot is made out of clay, someone has observed its birth. If it is broken and destroyed, someone who is aware of its existence acknowledges its destruction.

However, in case of the SELF there is nothing other than SELF it has to be immortal.

That which is negated by someone is false and mortal. Ultimately, the one who negates everything else cannot be negated. Since we have negated everything in the universe, we are immortal.

Example: I am looking at everyone through my spectacles. However, I cannot look at my own eyes using the spectacles. Similarly, I am the one who observes everything in the universe, including my body, mind and intelligence. However, I cannot look at myself. I am the subject who is present all the time.

Thus, I am immortal.

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