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Panchadashi Lesson - C0308: Process of Evolution

Module - C
Unit - C03
Lesson - C0308: The Process of Evolution
By Raja Subramaniyan

The five sheaths in the human being could be easily comprehended by seeing their role in the evolution.

Statement 28: Physical Sheath is degradable and present in all objects in the universe.

Stage 1: Inert Object (Example: Stone, sand, water etc)

Physical Sheath is a degradable inert object. It is just a combination of five elements (Space, air, water, fire and earth). It does not have any semblance of life.

Statement 28: Physiological Sheath gives life to inert objects.

Stage 2: Life forms (Example: Vegetation, plants, trees etc)

Physiological Sheath is independent but cannot be perceived without the Physical Sheath. When it coexists with the Physical Sheath, the inert object (the physical Sheath) gets life. Therefore, the combination of the Physical and Physiological Sheath is like a plant or tree.

This combination is better and more evolved than an inert object. It is alive.

When the Physiological Sheath leaves the Physical Sheath, the latter becomes an inert matter called dead body.

Statement 29: Psychological Sheath reflects the consciousness in the living beings

Stage 3: Living beings (Examples: Animals, birds etc)

Psychological Sheath adds another dimension to the combination of the Physiological Sheath and Physical Sheath. It makes the living body reflect the consciousness making it more evolved than plants and trees.

Thus, when these three sheaths are together life is more evolved

Statement 30: Fully developed Intelligence Sheath lends Self-Consciousness to living beings

Stage 4: Human Being

Intelligence Sheath makes the living beings control their destiny. The will power, ego, self-awareness and the ability to put the knowledge into use resulting in wisdom are the hallmark of this sheath. This sheath differentiates a Human Being from other forms of life. This sheath is in a dormant state in other living beings.

Statement 31: Happiness Sheath when fully developed removes Ego in the human beings

Stage 5: Divine Being

The final sheath namely the Happiness Sheath enables the living being to raise himself up to the highest level. At this level, all the superiority/ inferiority complexes, which are the symptoms of the Intelligence Sheath, will vanish. This is in a dormant stage in the human being.

Statement 32: I am different from the five sheaths.

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