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Panchadashi Lesson - C0207: Happiness Sheath

Module - C
Unit - C02
Lesson - C0207: Happiness Sheath
By Raja Subramaniyan

Session: C08

Statement 25: Happiness Sheath is experienced in deep sleep.

This is the final sheath to be uncovered before reaching the core. We experience this sheath while in deep sleep. In deep sleep, we are totally unaware of our physical sheath, psychological sheath and the intelligence sheath. (Physiological sheath is functioning in the deep sleep but we are never conscious of its functioning. Even while we are awake, we do not do anything to digest the food or extract energy from it. It functions totally independently and hence is ignored)

We know on waking up that we had a very good peaceful sleep. That was our Happiness Sheath.

Statement 26: Happiness Sheath is experienced when we are happy.

When we are really happy the status is similar to deep sleep. Just as we can never make the statement "I am sleeping now", we can never make the statement "I am happy now".

We can only recall that we were very happy after the event.

Happiness Sheath is also experienced frequently when we experience happiness due to seeing/ obtaining/ enjoying an object of liking. During these moments, there are no other thoughts in our mind and we experience a sort of fulfillment/ satisfaction/ happiness. We are totally engrossed in the object/event. This means we are one with the Happiness Sheath. However, such moments do not last for long.

Happiness Sheath is not me because it lacks consciousness.

Statement 27: I am not the Happiness Sheath, I have a Happiness Sheath.

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