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Panchadashi Lesson - C0206: Intelligence Sheath

Module - C
Unit - C02
Lesson - C0206: Intelligence Sheath
By Raja Subramaniyan

Statement 21: The Psychological Sheath is an extension of the Intelligence Sheath

If the Psychological Sheath is compared to waves then the Intelligence Sheath is comparable to the ocean, which generates and sustains the waves.

Waves arise where the ocean meets the ground. Similarly, thoughts arise in the mind when there is an interaction with the external world. Quality and quantity of waves depend on the depth of the ocean. Similarly, the more mature and knowledgeable the mind will have less of wavering thoughts.

Statement 22: Intelligence Sheath cognizes the information from the external world through the Psychological Sheath.

This sheath is the storehouse for all thoughts and converts information into knowledge.

Statement 23: Knowledge determines the power and focus of the Intelligence Sheath

The power of intelligence depends on the quantity and quality of information collected and its ability to convert the same in to knowledge. Most of the work is done by trial and error to start with. Nevertheless, the knowledge once gained never gets lost. The only way to erase knowledge is to super scribe it with new knowledge.

Will power is part of the Intelligence Sheath and it is used for controlling the Psychological Sheath.

Intelligence Sheath cannot be the meaning of the word I. There was a time (my childhood) that I did not have intelligence and now I have intelligence. Therefore, I am not the intelligence sheath.

Statement 24: I am not the Intelligence Sheath, I have an Intelligence Sheath.

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