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Panchadashi Lesson - C0202: Three Bodies and Five Sheaths

Module - C
Unit - C02
Lesson - C0202: Three Bodies and Five Sheaths
By Raja Subramaniyan

In medical science, we analyze the physical body in varied ways like Blood Circulatory system, Digestive system etc. Similarly, in our analysis we divide the body into five sheaths.

The five sheaths are:
(a) Physical Sheath
(b) Physiological Sheath
(c) Psychological Sheath
(d) Intelligence Sheath
(e) Happiness Sheath

These five sheaths can also be classified as our three bodies as listed below
(a) Physical Body (Physical Sheath)
(b) Subtle Body (Physiological, Psychological and Intelligence Sheaths)
(c) Causal Body (Happiness Sheath)

Physical Body does not need any explanation.

Subtle Body consists of 19 components that are not perceivable to our sense organs. We know the existence of the Subtle Body through inference. (More details on inference can be found in Module B)

Causal Body represents the seed form, which supports the existence of both the Physical Body and Subtle Body. Its presence is known through our sleeping state where we are not aware of both our physical body and subtle body. It is made up of Matter dominant illusion. (For details on Matter dominance refer Module A)

While the sheaths cannot exist by themselves, the bodies can. The physical body lasts for one lifetime, the subtle body lasts until the judgment day and the causal body is beginning less and endless.

The order in which the five sheaths are enumerated signifies the following:

Statement 2: The outer sheath covers all the remaining inner sheaths
Statement 3: The outer sheath is grosser than the inner sheath
Statement 4: The inner sheath controls the outer sheath
Statement 5: The inner sheath is more real than the outer sheath
Statement 6: The inner sheath lasts longer than the outer sheath
Statement 7: The inner sheath is more pervasive than the outer sheath.

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