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Panchadashi Lesson - B0314: Process of Distortion by Illusion

Module - B
Unit - B03
Lesson - B0314: The process of distortion by the illusion
By Raja Subramaniyan

The cycle of creation and destruction happens continuously as per the steps discussed in the previous statement.

In addition to this, Illusion distorts the existence of ONE.

Although every element of the creation has borrowed existence from ONE, illusion forces us to focus on the inputs received from our five senses. As a result, we think that what we hear, touch, see, taste and smell truly exist and are not just the adjective to the Pure Existence.

We think 'IS ness' is a property of the element without realizing that it is the nature of ONE.

For example, we say 'There is fire' or 'There is no water' etc. We ignorantly give the status of 'noun' to fire and water and make the IS ness as an attribute that qualify the noun. The truth is 'IS ness' of the Pure Existence is the only thing that is existing and space, air, water etc are just forms. The true way of understanding the sentence 'Water is here' is this: 'Pure Existence is appearing in the form of water'

We clothe our body with a dress but do not give more importance to it than our body.

Universe is just like a dress covering ONE. Nevertheless, we are carried away by the dress and ignore the true substance.

Statement 35: Illusion distorts the truth (ONE) and makes it non-existent and shows the non-existing universe as reality.

Thus to sum up,

ONE is the only truth having timeless existence

Illusion projects the universe by
Adding sound to ONE to create Space
Adding touch to Space to create Air
Adding Form to Air to create Fire
Adding Taste to Fire to create Water
Adding Smell to Water to create Earth
And it hides the presence of ONE

ONE alone exists. Universe is an illusion. This IS ness of all objects in the world is borrowed from ONE. We can see the 'Hollow Man' only if he is wearing dress. We can see ONE only by seeing the universe.

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