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Panchadashi Lesson - B0313: Process of Projection by Illusion

Module - B
Unit - B03
Lesson - B0313: The process of projection by the illusion
By Raja Subramaniyan

Statement 26: ONE exists as Knower, Existence and Happiness.

Prior to the creation of this universe, only ONE existed without any form.

Statement 27: ONE has the power of illusion, which is made up of Aura, Energy and Matter.

Statement 28: Illusion adds sound to the attributeless ONE and makes Space.

The Energy strand of illusion creates pressure waves. Pressure waves are called sound in scientific language. Thus, space is created.

Sound exists and is transmitted in an atmosphere because of what we call a pressure wave. That is, the molecules of air (or other composition) over which the vibrations carry, cause a train of compressions and refractions.

The molecules pull together at C for compressions, and spread apart at R, for refractions.

Initially when there were no molecules, the pressure wave creates the required molecules by converting energy into mass.

Thus, the first step is creation of space, which is nothing but Pure Existence + Sound.

Space is defined as that which gives place. Therefore, as the first element that is created from the pressure wave, it provides space for the rest of the universe.

Space has the following qualities:

Existence (borrowed from Pure Existence)
Sound (Pressure waves created by the Energy strand of illusion)

Statement 29: From space, air is created by adding touch sensation.

The second step, after the creation of space, is the creation of air, which is Pure Existence + Sound + Touch

Air has the following qualities:

Existence (of ONE inherited through Space)

Sound (from space)

Touch (Molecules created by the Matter strand of illusion)

Therefore, air can move slow, move fast and has the property to dry things.

Statement 30: From air, fire is created by adding form.

When the initial pressure waves continued at a high rate, the conversion of energy into mass was happening at a fast rate. This developed a lot of heat, which lead to Big Bang.

Fire has the following qualities:

Existence (of ONE inherited through Space and Air)
Sound (of Space inherited through Air)
Touch (from Air)
Form and Shape (Matter created through compression of molecules)

Fire has the property of glow and heat.

Statement 31: From the fire, water was created by adding taste.

When the big bang happened, the highly compressed air (fire) started losing the pressure and started cooling down. Cooled down matter in liquid form (loosely connected matter) is the basis of water.

Water has the following qualities:

Existence (of ONE inherited through Space, Air and Fire)
Sound (of Space inherited through fire from Fire and Air)
Form and Shape (from fire)
Taste (from loosely connected Matter strand of illusion)

Water can take the shape of the container, can move slow, fast and erode things.

Statement 32: From water, earth was created by adding smell.

The loosely connected matter begins to solidify due to pressure and becomes earth.

Earth has the following qualities:

Existence (of ONE inherited through Space, Air, Fire and Water)
Sound (of Space inherited through fire from Water, Fire and Air)
Form and Shape (of fire inherited through the Water and Fire)
Taste (from water)
Smell (Solidified Matter strand of illusion)

Earth has the property to hold things.

Statement 33: The universe is created by the combination of these five elements.

The whole universe, including our gross and subtle bodies, is created out these five basic elements according to the action done by the living beings in the previous creation. The living beings are the reflections of ONE in the subtle bodies.

Statement 34: The cumulative result of the actions of all the living beings determines the nature of creation and the time for creation and destruction.

Every action of the living being has specific and fixed results. The combined effect of all of them determines the life of the universe. At the appropriate time, the universe will contract back to the singularity and await the next cycle of big bang and expansion.

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