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Panchadashi Lesson - B0312: Practical - Noun and Adjectives

Module - B
Unit - B03
Lesson - B0312: Practical - Noun & Adjectives
By Raja Subramaniyan

Notes to the teacher:

Form groups among the students and let them find the answers to the question raised at the end of the previous lesson.

Conclude the session with the moral that is learnt from the Noun & Adjective example.


Because we give more importance to NAMES and FORMS that appeals to the eyes rather than to logic that appeals to the intelligence. If we pause to think, we can always identify the noun and adjective correctly. Nevertheless, we are mostly carried away by our sense organs and ignore the logic.

Sometimes it so happens that we do not even recognizes the existence of the noun and gives the status of the noun to the adjective. For example when we refer to 'sea' we never pause to think it is just an adjective to the noun 'water'. We think sea is the noun. It is NOT. Water is the noun because water can be a river, lake or sea.


At least in the case of the SEA, once it is pointed out, we accept that it is an adjective and water is the noun on which its existence depends. But in the case of the universe we continue to think that it is a noun and refuse to believe that it is just an adjective to the unseen / unknown noun, ONE.

This is the effect of illusion.

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