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Panchadashi Lesson - B0310: Demystifying Illusion

Module - B
Unit - B03
Lesson - B0310: Demystifying Illusion
By Raja Subramaniyan

When we see a movie, we do not see two things.

Screen: This is the base on which the movie is projected.

Light & Sound: Bright light is projected on the screen in varying color combinations and intensity. In addition, the sound system gives an impression to us that the movie characters are talking.

There is no movie! Nevertheless, we see only the movie.


When we experience life and we do not see two things.

ONE: This is the base on which life is experienced

Illusion: The entire universe is projected on ONE feeding continuous false information to all the five senses.

There is no universe! Nevertheless, we see only this universe.

There is one major difference between the movie example and life. In the movie example, screen is different from the projecting equipments. However, there is nothing but ONE and it appears as the universe by its own power. This is explained through another example.

Simple Example:

Assume you are acting in a drama. The co-actor talks to you in derogatory words. Will you get angry? You are supposed to respond (act) according to the script and the reaction is purely on the surface level. You are not affected since you know everyone around you (including yourself) is acting.

Similarly, our whole life is a drama. Everyone around is acting. However, the problem is no one knows that it is a drama! Therefore, people feel everything around is real and get emotional.

As long as you do not know that the whole life is an illusion you will be swinging between the pairs of opposites like pain/pleasure, love/hate etc. The moment you know the truth you are free.

The truth sets you free.

An important advantage of the real life drama over stage drama is that there is no external director/ scriptwriter. We are on our own and can act in whatever way, we want.

Complex example:

Assume you are doing a mono act play. The person shouting at you is also yourself.

This is the reality.

ONE is the foundation on which the entire universe rests. (Just like the screen on which entire movie is projected)

ONE is being reflected on selected inert objects which are then called living beings.

Therefore, all the human beings are reflections of the same ONE. Just like in a mono act play, you are interacting with yourself (acting as different persons/ objects) in the real life drama too!

However, unfortunately it takes a while to see this truth.

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