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Panchadashi Lesson - B0103: Creation is Magic Show

Module - B
Unit - B01
Lesson - B0103: Creation is a Magic Show
By Raja Subramaniyan

Statement 6: Universe is just a form and not a real substance.

Contrary to the popular belief, what we see around us in the universe are just forms (for which we have given different names) and not real substance. We have only five sources of knowledge (Ears, skin, eyes, tongue and nose) and each of them can perceive only one specific aspect (Sound, touch, form, taste and smell) of an object and none of them can comprehend the existence of any object. They simply report the perception and our mind assumes that it is seeing a real world. In reality the universe does not exist. This fact has been confirmed by scientific investigation (Uncertainty principle.)

The entire universe appears to exist in a specific form (which keeps changing) and it is an illusion. Among the various changing forms, there is only one unchanging truth, which is 'pure existence' (ONE).

Clay is.
Pot is and clay is not.
Pot is different from clay with respect to the form.
There is no difference in the 'existence' of either clay or pot.
Existence is not a part, product, or property of clay or pot.
The IS ness (existence) of clay and pot is an independent entity called pure existence (ONE) which was existing prior to the creation without any form or name.

Statement 7: Pure existence is not a form that we call ONE.

If everything in the creation is just a name and form, why should we not assume ONE is also a name and form?

It is impossible to say a lie without a truth. In order to have an illusion there has to be a truth as its basis. The ultimate foundation for all illusion is ONE.

Example: I see smoke. Therefore, I infer fire even if I do not see it.

To infer fire, there need to be basis, smoke. It is not possible to infer something without a basis. We see the universe and infer ONE.

Suppose we negate everything and see nothing as the substratum, then the seer of nothing is the basis (You Are That).

Illusion is something, which appears to be real. It means it has a borrowed existence just like the snake borrowing existence from rope. If it is not rope, it has to be something else. There needs to be an ultimate lender of existence, which is called ONE whose original nature is pure existence.

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