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Panchadashi Lesson - A1041: Benefits of Gaining Knowledge

Module - A
Unit - A10
Lesson - A1041: Benefits of Gaining Knowledge
By Raja Subramaniyan

After understanding ONE through Inquiry and Introspection, one will automatically get in to the final phase of 'Inner Transformation' and simultaneously enjoy the benefit of the knowledge. The benefit will correspond to the maturity of the mind (Inner Transformation).

Example: If one is very hungry, a full meal will solve the problem. However, it is not that only after finishing the entire meal the hunger will go. As soon as one starts eating, the hunger will start subsiding.

Similarly, the problems of the world will start dissolving as soon as the process of Inner Transformation begins.

Statement 99: Benefits will start accruing on gaining knowledge.

The immediate benefit of eating is removal of hunger. However, the main benefit is to provide energy to the body. Similarly, the immediate benefit of knowledge is joyful living as long as one lives after obtaining the knowledge. The main benefit will be to wipe out all the accumulated results of the past actions leading to freedom from the Eternal Cycle. The knowledge frees one from the bondage by the body/mind complex.

Statement 100: One will not be influenced by likes and dislikes.

A mind is said to be immature when it sways under the influence of likes and dislikes. Our likes and dislikes are imprinted in our mind due to actions done in the past. These likes and dislikes determine our current action. If one is fully under their influence, the mind will not allow the intelligence to grasp the truth and gain the knowledge that the world is an illusion.

Through preparation of the mind the influence of likes/ dislikes are reduced which will enable it to pursue Inquiry into Scriptures and Introspection on the essence of the Scriptures.

When the mind becomes mature, knowledge is gained.

Even after getting the knowledge, the mind may not be fully free from the influence of likes/ dislikes, which are accumulated over many previous births. However, the action resulting out of the likes/dislikes are monitored by the intelligence, which now knows that our real nature is Ever Witnessing Joy and there is nothing to be gained from the external world. Therefore, the actions of the enlightened person are purely for the sake of serving others out of compassion and not for fulfilling any selfish desires.

Statement 101: One does not require anything from the world for living happily.

Statement 102: Events in the world no longer affect the one with the self-knowledge.

The residue of likes/ dislikes in the mind will no longer bother the enlightened person, since he knows that there is no real connection between himself and his mind. Electricity is not affected by a defect in the electrical gadget.

Statement 103: Negative emotions will not affect the mind.

The mind at this stage will be largely free of anger, jealousy, fear and all such negative emotions. In any case, an enlightened person is free from the mind.

Statement 104: Life will be a dream

All the external objects and events are first perceived by our sense organs. They simply report them without any suggestion as to the reality or falseness of the object/ event. This objective information is processed in the mind and converted as thoughts. Our response to the thoughts is determined by our judgment of our situation, which depends on our mental maturity.

Example: The organization decides that your services are no longer required. It is a crisis if your mind is immature. It is a problem if your mind is mature. It is just a situation if you know that the world is an illusion. You need to respond to the situation appropriately but you do not feel upset because you know that the event is part of the illusion.

It is like being aware of the dream while dreaming. The dream tiger can no longer scare us. We shall continue to run away from the tiger in the dream but we know it can do no harm to our body, which is sleeping in our bedroom.

Thus if we are aware of the illusion, it can never affect us and we can choose to enjoy the illusion as long as we live.

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