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Panchadashi Lesson - A0726: Introduction to Inquiry

Module - A
Unit - A07
Lesson - A0726: Introduction to Inquiry
By Raja Subramaniyan

Statement 73: Inquiry means understanding the meaning of "You Are That"

Inquiry refers to the process of gaining thorough understanding through reading and listening to the central theme of the Scriptures.

The central theme of the Scriptures is You Are That.

Beginning of Inquiry:

The usage of the word 'I' is very ambiguous because we are not clear about its true meaning.

Example: 'I am hurt and my body is aching'. This statement shows that we are not clear whether we are the body or we have a body.

We normally use the word 'I' to refer two different aspects. One is the body/mind complex and something else that enlivens this body/mind complex. We call it by different names like Soul, Life force or just 'life'. The proper name for this is Consciousness or Awareness.

We are sure that our Body/Mind Complex and Consciousness are bundled together. Since it appears that death alone can separate them, we tend to think that they depend on each other.

We refer to this bundle by the word 'I'. This is ignorance caused by Delusion.

Ignorance is a problem relating to our intellect wrongly perceiving the meaning of the word 'I'. It is a case of mistaken identity.

Our intellect is wrongly assuming that we are this inseparable combination. In order to remove this ignorance, one has to inquire into the true meaning of the word "I". The process of inquiry will help us to discriminate the truth from the unreal.

We shall first separate the Body/Mind complex from Consciousness by using appropriate tools and then understand our true nature.

The Scriptures say that what we call as 'consciousness' is really a reflection of the original (and only) consciousness and therefore, depending on the context the word consciousness should mean either the Original Consciousness or the Reflected Consciousness.

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