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Panchadashi Lesson - A0418: Summary on Creation

Module - A
Unit - A04
Lesson - A0418: Summary on Creation
By Raja Subramaniyan

Statement 36: ONE has the power to manifest, which is called AEM

Statement 37: AEM is made up of Aura, Energy and Matter.

Statement 38: AEM is manifested as Illusion, Delusion and Inert Matter

Statement 39: The combination of Illusion and reflection of ONE is God

Statement 40: The combination of Delusion and reflections of ONE are Living Beings

Statement 41: The non-reflecting part of ONE is the inert matter of the Universe

Statement 42: God, Living Beings and the Universe are eternally present in the causal form as AEM, which is the inherent power of ONE.

Statement 43: From the causal form, the Living Beings and the Universe are manifested in the subtle form.

Statement 44: God creates the gross universe and the gross bodies for the living beings to have experiences, from the Inert Matter.

Statement 45: Only the subtle bodies have the capability to reflect the consciousness aspect of ONE and therefore, they appear as living beings.

According to the story of the creation narrated by our friend (Scriptures) it is clear that since the medium of reflection is of poor quality, we are under the control of Delusion. Once we understand the process of creation, we know that our true self is not the reflected image but the original ONE.

Nevertheless, the reflection that is caught (not really) in the medium (Delusion) is continuously engaged in action because it is made up of the Energy strand of AEM.

Since we are caught in the Eternal Cycle, we do not have time to think, reflect and understand our true nature.

When we identify ourselves with the total existence then we are God.

When we do not identify ourselves with anything around us then we are ONE.

When we identify ourselves with our limited body and mind we are EGO.

The choice is ours.

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