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Panchadashi Lesson - A0207: Who Are You

Module - A
Unit - A02
Lesson - A0207: Practical "Who Are You?"
By Raja Subramaniyan

NOTES to the teacher:

1. Interchangeable usage of the words 'I', 'mine' and 'my'

2. Automobile Accident Experiment - You Are Not Your Body

3. Organ Transplant Experiment - Your Mind is different from your brain

4. Hotel Owner Experiment - You are not your mind

5. Eyes Can't See Experiment - Sense Organs are independent of the body

6. Invisible Man Experiment - Do you exist?

7. Columbus Experiment - When did you start existing?

8. A for Apple - I for I

9. Apparent Man Vs Real Man

10. Wrong Identity of the Apparent Man

11. Wrong Identity of the Real Man

12. Wrong Identity - Possession, People, Property, Position, Profession

13. Changing Apparent Man Vs Changeless Real Man

14. Anatomy of the real man

15. Discovery of a new star Vs Discovery of the real meaning of the word "I"

16. I am the knower and I exist forever. My real nature is boundary less limitless uninterrupted absolute pure everlasting happiness, which is full of me without any trace of sorrow.

17. The subject matter of this course is the good qualities of YOU.

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