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Gita Lesson - 1810: Observed

Bhagavad Gita
Unit - 18
Lesson - 1810: The Observed - AEM
By Raja Subramaniyan

Energy is matter in motion and matter is stationery energy. The total quantum of energy and matter in the universe is constant. Energy or matter can neither be created nor destroyed. They can be changed from one form to another.

The universe is made up of energy and matter. The living beings in the universe have one more element in addition to Energy and Matter. This is called Aura.

Thus, we see that the whole creation is made up of three elements, namely Aura, Energy and Matter.

Since the finished product, universe, is composed of these three elements, we can derive that the raw material for creating the universe is also composed of these three elements.

Illusion is the raw material and the whole universe is created in the presence of Brahman. This process of creation is very similar to the creation of our dream.

1. When we sleep, dream is created without any effort. Similarly, Brahman creates this universe without any effort.

2. There is no dream without the dreamer. Similarly, there is no universe, without Brahman.

3. There are many objects in the dream, some of them are inert, and some are living beings. All the objects in the dream are nothing but thoughts in our mind. Similarly, the entire creation is Illusion. Illusion is the power of Brahman to dream.

4. We associate ourselves with one of the living being in our dream although everything in our dream is mere thoughts. We say, 'I talked to my neighbor in my dream'. In the dream, there is no difference between the neighbor and I. Both are our own creation. Similarly, the consciousness of the Brahman enlivens some of the objects as living beings. Each human being assumes that he is an independent entity while the truth is everyone is Brahman.

5. The dream objects are created by thoughts. The objects of the world are created by Illusion. We have already derived that the Illusion is made up of Aura, Energy and Matter. This derivation is confirmed by Vedanta.

6. All these three elements are essentially intertwined in a living being and it is not possible to eliminate any one of them. The proportion in which the combine to make various living beings vary. While both living beings and inert objects are made up of these three elements, only living beings have the required quantum of Aura to reflect the consciousness aspect of Brahman.

7. The proportion of Aura, Energy and Matter in which the mind of a human being is made up of determines his personality.

8. Our problems in our dream are imaginary. Our problems in the real world are part of the illusion. Only when our mind becomes Aura dominant, we can realize this fact. Then we are awakened while the dream of life continues.

Lord Krishna describes the nature of Aura, Energy and Matter as below:
1. Power to know
2. Spiritual Pursuit to gain happiness
3. Uses Sense Organs (Eyes, Ears, Nose etc) predominantly
4. Focus is to learn more
5. Achievement for personal satisfaction
6. Can spend considerable time concentrating on listening, learning etc
7. Cannot run around
8. Required for doing Jnana Yoga and Upasana Yoga
9. Will wait for required information to take any decision
10. Immune to negative emotions
11. Can give clear knowledge

1. Power to act
2. Material Pursuit to gain happiness
3. Uses Action Organs (Hands, legs etc) predominantly
4. Focus is to do/ act more
5. Achievement for name, fame, wealth, power etc
6. Can spend considerable time concentrating on doing physical work
7. Cannot sit in a place
8. Required for doing Karma Yoga
9. Will take decisions without waiting for all inputs
10. Susceptible to negative emotions
11. Act as a deterrent to knowledge

1. Power to remain in inaction/ Ignorance
2. Wants happiness but does not want to make any efforts for getting it
3. Withdrawing the use of all the organs
4. Focus is to rest more
5. Not keen on achievement
6. Can spend considerable time in sleeping and taking rest
7. Cannot do any work
8. Required for rejuvenating
9. Will wait indefinitely by postponing the decision making task without any reason
10. Prone to negative emotions
11. Gives wrong knowledge

Thus, each of the elements has a role to play with both positive and negative aspects. The proportion in which these three elements are present, determines our personality. Obviously, this varies person to person. In addition, within the same person, the dominance of each element varies with time. For example, the early morning a person will be Aura dominant. Soon Energy will take over. Afternoon, it is the time for Matter dominance. Similarly, a newborn baby is mostly under Matter domination. When the baby becomes two years old, it will come under the influence of Energy domination. During old age, people in general are under Aura domination.

Therefore, it is essential for us to understand the nature of each element so that we can understand our personality.

Teaching 132: We are good or bad depending on the composition of AEM

Chapter 14: Analysis of the three elements [Verses: 05 - 09]

14.5 Material nature consists of the three modes--Aura, Energy and Matter. They fasten the changeless Atman with the body and he becomes conditioned by these modes.

14.6 Oh Arjuna, among them Aura is bright and harmless due to its purity. It binds one by causing attachment to pleasure and by causing attachment to knowledge.

14.7 Oh Arjuna, understand Energy to be of the nature of passion and to be the cause of desire and attachment. It binds by causing attachment to activity.

14.8 Oh Arjuna, understand Matter to be born of ignorance and to be the deluder of all living beings. It binds by causing negligence, indolence and sleep.

14.9 The mode of Aura binds one to pleasure. Energy binds one to action. Matter binds one to negligence by veiling the discriminatory power.

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