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Gita Lesson - 1610: God as Provider of Fortunes

Bhagavad Gita
Unit - 16
Lesson - 1610: God as Provider of Fortunes
By Raja Subramaniyan

People, who do not know the true nature of God, assume him to be a superman with extraordinary powers and resources. Therefore, they seek his help to achieve what they are not able to do with their limited resources.

In whatever form people pray to him, God grants their wishes resulting in following two benefits.

Benefit 1: People start believing in God and their belief becomes stronger.

Benefit 2: People start realizing that there is no permanent happiness in what they seek. They keep trying to look for varied objects with the hope that they will be contented. Only through such experiences they will realize the futility of prosperity.

It does not matter how long one prays to God or how sincerely he prays. Unless he understands the limitation of the world to satisfy his ultimate requirements, he will remain as a seeker. If he does good actions in addition to his prayers, God might give him opportunities to learn the true knowledge of God. Once people gain the true perspective of God, they will surrender to God and pray for reaching him. Merging with God will become their only objective in life.

People get opportunities based on their past actions. They need to use such opportunities to grow up in the spiritual path. However, due to ignorance they do not seek God as the objective of life. But this is also a stepping stone to reach the God ultimately.

Example: Every student studying in various grades of a school wants to complete the final grade. However, they may not be aware of this goal. Most students will be assuming that their goal is to complete the grade that they are currently in.

Similarly, merging with God is the only objective of every living being. However, many of them may be having other goals, which will lead them to God ultimately.

Chapter 9: The Most Confidential Knowledge [Verses: 23 - 25]

9.23 Oh Arjuna, even those who are devotees of other finite gods and who worship them with faith are worshipping Me alone unknowingly.

9.24 Indeed, I alone am the only enjoyer and the lord of all sacrifice. But they do not know Me in reality. Therefore, they fall.

9.25 Those who worship the deities will reach the deities; those who worship ancestors reach the ancestors; and those who worship Me reach Me.

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