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Gita Unit - 05: Treatment - Karma Yoga

Bhagavad Gita
Unit - 05: The Treatment - Karma Yoga [Verses: 2.38 - 2.50]
By Raja Subramaniyan

On completion of this unit, the student will be able to
(a) Understand the role of Karma Yoga in removing all the suffering.
(b) Understand the link between the action and results.

Unit Test:
1. What are the pairs of the opposites that are called as dualities in life?
2. Why should our life oscillate between the pairs of opposites?
3. What are the two possible ways to deal with such oscillation?
4. What should we do to become eligible to gain self-knowledge?
5. Explain the difference in attitude while doing action in material pursuit and in spiritual pursuit.
6. What are the advantages of Karma Yoga over mere Karma?
7. What are the differences between a Karma Yogi and a person doing Karma?
8. What is the purpose of action by a Karma Yogi?
9. What is the problem of having multiple goals in life?
10. What should be the only destination and the only path common to everyone?
11. What are the three ways to make the intelligence control the mind?
12. What are the five steps required to gain a focused mind?
13. What is the difference between material pursuit and spiritual pursuit?
14. What are the three ways in which one understands the limitation of material pursuit?
15. When will Vedas become useless to a person?
16. Why is the link between action and result not obvious?
17. What is the link between attitude and knowledge?
18. What are the Twelve Laws of Karma?
19. What are the Six Principles required to be followed to convert Karma into Karma Yoga?
20. Why is it said that expectation is the cause of all our miseries?

Answers could be sent to the author for validation.

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