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Gita Lesson - 0405: Beyond Time and Space

Bhagavad Gita
Unit - 04
Lesson - 0405: Beyond Time and Space
By Raja Subramaniyan

Time and space are tightly bundled together and one cannot talk of space without talking about time or the other way around. Since it is already stated that the Atman is present all the time (past, present and future) it leads us to the next two teachings.

Teaching 7: Consciousness is only one, which is present at all places

Teaching 8: You are not destructible

Lord Krishna gives these two teachings in the verse 17 leading to revelation of many truths.

1. Atman is indestructible. It has no name or form. (We call it 'Atman', 'consciousness' etc for our understanding. It does not matter by what name we refer to the nameless as long we understand that it is 'I').

2. Atman does not have any boundaries nor can any object create a boundary for it. (It does not have a form)

3. Atman is present at all times, at all places and therefore there cannot be more than one Atman.

4. Real and unreal cannot exist together just as light and darkness cannot exist together. However, real and illusion can exist together just as dry sand and mirage water can exist at the same place at the same time.

5. We can perceive only that which has name and form. Name and forms are illusions and the underlying reality is the Atman, we are the observer. Just as light can be seen only as a reflection on some object and not directly, Atman can be experienced only with a name and form.

6. Atman is changeless but the universe undergoes continuous change. Universe is manifested, sustained and resolved cyclically.

7. All inert objects are limited by time and space. If our body is here and now, it cannot be elsewhere at the same time. Atman has no such limitation since it is present everywhere all the time.

8. All inert objects are limited by the form and shape. A horse is different from a dog. Atman has no such limitation since it is the one that sustains all objects

9. Atman is the causeless cause. The entire universe rests on Atman and it is independent.

10. Atman is beyond time and space.

Chapter 2: Wisdom is the solution [Verse: 17]

2.17 Know that this imperishable Atman pervades all this. No one else is there to bring destruction to this changeless one.

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