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 EntryNo: 42
 Date: Friday
18.08.2006 ( chalapathi
Internet Explorer India
Place: delhi
such a treasure house, so accessible -great service to humanity by allowing all to know about our spiritual heritage.people cutting across cultures may partake in this bounty
 EntryNo: 41
 Date: Tuesday
25.07.2006 ( Gopinath Panduranga
Netscape Navigator or other India
Place: Bangalore
Thanks a million for creating such a wonderful website, which gives a glimpse of immense knowledge power our Sages and Saints created.
Hats off !!

 EntryNo: 40
 Date: Sunday
23.07.2006 ( S
Internet Explorer India
Place: Bangalore
This is a wonderful site. Thank you for sharing and bringing knowledge to us and find the strength within.
Please continue uploading..!
Your site is very much appreciated and feeling very happy about it.
This is a site of wisdom!!

 EntryNo: 39
 Date: Friday
21.07.2006 ( Raj Singh
Internet Explorer United Arab Emirates
Place: Dubai
Excellent site indeed. In a single location to find the meaning is indeed wonderful.

I think it is time to have at least one site wherein you can find authentic scriptures, audio pronounciation, text with devanagri script and meaning. Keep up the good hard work.


Raj Singh

 EntryNo: 38
 Date: Wednesday
19.07.2006 ( Jemin
Internet Explorer India
Place: Bangalore
Hello People,

Just wanted to do you feel about this new stories section.

Warm Regards.

 EntryNo: 37
 Date: Monday
03.07.2006 ( V. K. PRASAD
Internet Explorer India
Place: Padmanabhanagar, BANGALORE
GRAND WORK OF COMBINING ALL THE BOOKS WITH MEANINGS. Both Saivaites and Vaishnavites can definitely get the benefit, since this site is not for any single sect, but for the VEDANTHA, the Meaning of Life, otherwise called Hinduism.

Veekay Prasad

 EntryNo: 36
 Date: Saturday
01.07.2006 ( RAJENDRA M. TRIVEDI, M.D.
Internet Explorer United States of America

 EntryNo: 35
 Date: Wednesday
21.06.2006 ( Hari
Internet Explorer India
Place: Bangalore
Very useful site for all people who wish to learn mantras with their meanings.
 EntryNo: 34
 Date: Tuesday
30.05.2006 ( Sankara Narayanan
Netscape Navigator or other India
Place: Tirunelveli
I'm really grateful to the creators of this awesome website. Learning the mantras and stotras along with the meaning is really wonderful. Thanks once again!
 EntryNo: 33
 Date: Wednesday
24.05.2006 ( HariOmsk
Internet Explorer Slovenia
Place: Outside-the-world
Thank You (creators of this great site) very very very much!!!!! We need also Shankara-bhashyas. Jai Shankara!!!
 EntryNo: 32
 Date: Tuesday
25.04.2006 ( Ganapathy Iyer V.
Netscape Navigator or other India
Place: Chennai
One of the best Internet Spiritual Sites I have come across. I greatly appreciate the enormous amount of information available in this site. Keep up the good work
 EntryNo: 31
 Date: Wednesday
19.04.2006 ( K.Mahalingam
Internet Explorer India
Place: Chennai,Ashok Nagar
This work of translating the great treasures of this land is a commendable task,which has been undertaken by you.
I bow down before you.
I also plead that you get them translated in Tamil so as to reach the common masses who are going after other religions without knowing the self suffieciency of our own Vaidheeka Scriptures.
I shall come and meet you in person soon.

 EntryNo: 30
 Date: Wednesday
19.04.2006 ( Deepa
Internet Explorer India
Place: Bangalore
Wonderful site for all spiritual seekers. The effort and the hard work behind this site is worthy of very high praise and honour.

May the almighty bless each one everyone behind this impressive endeavour.

Thanks a many !!

 EntryNo: 29
 Date: Monday
03.04.2006 ( Karthik
Internet Explorer Singapore
Place: Singapore
Wonderful collection. What ever i searched for, is all in one place. Best Wishes and keep it up. I pray the almighty to shower his blessings on you, great people.
 EntryNo: 28
 Date: Saturday
25.03.2006 ( J Bose
Netscape Navigator or other United Kingdom
Place: Manchester
This website is indeed priceless. Never before have I seen such complete information together at one place: the works of all ancient and modern Vedanta masters and also all upanishads and various other works. Please accept my most sincere thanks for your effort.
 EntryNo: 27
 Date: Sunday
19.02.2006 ( Ramesh K.
Internet Explorer India
Place: madurai
congratulations for an wonderful and complete work of high order.

It is indeed a path less travelled by many but to be travelled by all every day.

greetings to all who made this possible for the delight of so many let them be blessed by God and Rishis.

 EntryNo: 26
 Date: Monday
13.02.2006 ( Dinesh Parmar
Netscape Navigator or other Nigeria
Place: India
I am very very impressed by the work you have done. The site serves as a Gurukul for the people who seek the spirtual knowledge. Your work is like a "Rishi" of old times. I heartly regards you for your great work.
 EntryNo: 25
 Date: Monday
13.02.2006 ( Balakrishnan V.
Netscape Navigator or other United States of America
Place: Silver Spring
Alladi Mahadeva Shastry's translation of the Bhagavad Geetha is the best that I have come across. He deserves praise.
 EntryNo: 24
 Date: Monday
13.02.2006 ( Santhosh Shekar
Netscape Navigator or other India
Place: Bangalore
I am deligthed to see the indian sacred online freely available on an Indian website!!! I wish you to continue this divine service for the mankind, by increasing your collection encompassing all vedas, mahabharata, ramayana, vaastu shashtras, 64 vidyas. Pls continue your divine work !! Let God provide you the chanels for the divine resources.
 EntryNo: 23
 Date: Monday
13.02.2006 ( Shvetaketu
Netscape Navigator or other United Kingdom
Place: India
I have been searching for a site that gives translations for our major works and I am happy I found your site. But why isn't it poplular as, say, or even! or a myriad of other sites not half as good as this?