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 EntryNo: 242
 Date: Saturday
23.05.2009 ( Kiran
Internet Explorer United States of America
Place: Washington
Excellent site for spiritual library. I found many shlokas, mantras and knowledge.
It helped me to get back to Hindu culture and wisdom of ages.

 EntryNo: 241
 Date: Monday
11.05.2009 ( Raja
Netscape Navigator or other India
Place: Chembur, Mumbai
Recently I happened to see your site. Tremendous effort has been put in by you over a period of time and is an excellent site persons interested in spiritual verses.

My wife was thrilled to see some of the shlokas & the translation on your site.

Thanks for the good work and keep up the work so that the humanity will be benefited.

 EntryNo: 240
 Date: Thursday
07.05.2009 ( sureshspirit
Internet Explorer India
Place: Mumbai
Thanks Vedanta Spiritual Library,

We are made for each other. It was a common wish comming true for all spiritual endevouring spirits.

Jai Sat Chit Ananda !!!

 EntryNo: 239
 Date: Wednesday
06.05.2009 ( Kamini Tavian
Internet Explorer Mauritius
Place: Port Louis

Going through your website gives me much inner joy & is a fountain of bliss.

May God bless you all.
On ShivShakti

 EntryNo: 238
 Date: Friday
01.05.2009 ( Pujari Amit
Internet Explorer Canada
Place: Shri Mari Kali Shakti Amman Kovil
Hi i am the Head Pujari at the Shri Mari Kali Shakti Amman Kovil.

I really enjoy visiting this site and the information like the Mariamman Thalattu is also a great thing that people should read the creator of this site and the writer is Truly blessed thank you and May Mariamman shower her blessings on you

Jai Maha Shakti Kali

 EntryNo: 237
 Date: Wednesday
29.04.2009 ( Jayashree Suressh
Internet Explorer India
Place: Banglaore
It is a very informative web-site. Thanks a lot
 EntryNo: 236
 Date: Saturday
25.04.2009 ( Rick Ciufo
Netscape Navigator or other United States of America
Place: California
"Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha..."
Thank you for being here and for your siva. Blessings to you all...)O(

 EntryNo: 235
 Date: Tuesday
21.04.2009 ( HUKUMCHAND
Internet Explorer India
Place: chennai
Its Very useful site for all. A Great decision to creat a website for Spiritual things.
 EntryNo: 234
 Date: Thursday
16.04.2009 ( gayathri
Internet Explorer India
Place: bangalore
This site is really good and very useful.
 EntryNo: 233
 Date: Wednesday
15.04.2009 ( Douglas Hardy
Netscape Navigator or other United States of America
Place: Sutter Creek, CA
Growing up in a Christian culture, its dogma and fatalistic approach to God and eternal life seeming anti-intuitive and harmful, I have studied religions of the world seeking the unifying themes. Hinduism is incredibly positive and holistic and provides each individual an opportunity to accept where is is now with an eye on how to take the next step in God realization.

Thank you for your web-sit and your insight into human nature.

May God bless us all.

Douglas Hardy

 EntryNo: 232
 Date: Wednesday
15.04.2009 ( N. Murugan
Internet Explorer India
Place: Chennai
I like very much this site very usefull
 EntryNo: 231
 Date: Saturday
11.04.2009 ( srisaranan
Internet Explorer India
Place: Hosur
Dear Celestal

It is good to see the spritual library even by away from home.

Its make us to feel it is in reachable place.

Makes us to understand the religion, sprituality, individual development by just sitting and reading from one place

May the god bless you to do the service more and more.

With Pranam

 EntryNo: 230
 Date: Wednesday
08.04.2009 ( P.sitaramarao
Internet Explorer India
Place: Hyderabad
I am very much delighted to see this Spiritual Library which gives strength to people living in mechanical life
 EntryNo: 229
 Date: Monday
06.04.2009 ( yogesh
Netscape Navigator or other India
Place: bombay
may god help you at your each step and this site become contain each part of knowledge which require for a human to live life as a genuine person


 EntryNo: 228
 Date: Monday
06.04.2009 ( B. Kathiresan
Internet Explorer India
Place: Chidambaram
What a marvellous and dedicated contribution for the betterment of human beings in general and hindus in particular. I wish each one who wants to quench his/her spiritual quest to visit this site regularly. May God bless the strenuous efforts taken.
 EntryNo: 227
 Date: Sunday
05.04.2009 ( Gerald Dharmaraj
Internet Explorer Australia
Place: Sydney
May the Almighty Divine Mother Kali who is the Ocean of Love and Mercy bless each and every of you for your wonderful selfless effort to translate the scriptures; the Divine Voice of God for all humanity. May great Souls like you open more paths through this works to all who are interested to learn this beautiful works regardless of their religion,race,caste creed or beliefs...Om Tat Sat.
 EntryNo: 226
 Date: Saturday
04.04.2009 ( Kalyan
Internet Explorer India
Place: Hyderabad

Dear Team,
Really performing a very good job with 100% justification.

The explanation for each word on Vishnu Sahasra Nanam is wonderful.

Thank you.

 EntryNo: 225
 Date: Thursday
02.04.2009 ( Arthy
Netscape Navigator or other United States of America
Place: Los Angeles
Dear Sir,

I am very grateful to you for this excellent website. The almighty has shown people like me, a way to indulge in the spiritual bliss by chanting his holy mantras.

Om Namo Bhagavathe Rudraya.
Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya.

 EntryNo: 224
 Date: Tuesday
31.03.2009 ( Balu
Netscape Navigator or other India
Place: Bangalore
Pranams !
You are all doing a great job !!!
Many many thanks. May God bless you all !!


 EntryNo: 223
 Date: Sunday
Internet Explorer Colombia
que buen sitio felicitaciones; maravillosa toda la literatura de su sitio.
¿me pueden decir como registrarme?