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Yuddha Kandam

Valmiki Ramayanam - Yuddha Kandam
By Sage Valmiki
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Section: VI
Yuddha Kandam [War Section]

[The book starts with gathering of monkey army, going to the ocean and building a bridge across it and ends with the crowning of Lord Rama as king of Ayodhya.The Kandam starts with Rama deciding to go to Lanka to kill Ravana and ends with the coronation of Rama in Ayodhya. The great prayer Adhithya Hrudayam occurs in this. This again is the largest Kandam of Ramayana almost occupying one fourth space of the entire book.]

1. Rama Appreciates Hanuman
2. Sugreeva Encourages Rama
3. Hanuman Describes Lanka
4. Rama and His Army Reach Ocean
5. Rama again Laments about Sita
6. Ravana Consults Ministers
7. Ministers Flatter Ravana
8. Ministers of Rakshasas Claim
9. Vibheeshana Advices Ravana
10. Vibheeshana Advices Ravana Again
11. Ravana Summons General Council
12. Khumbakarna Speaks
13. Mahaparswa's Suggestion
14. Vibheeshana Advices Ravana
15. Indrajit Criticizes Vibheeshana
16. Ravana Talks Harshly to Vibheeshana
17. Vibheeshana Seeks Protection
18. Rama Accepts Vibheeshana
19. Vibheeshana is Crowned
20. Ravana's Attempt to Influence Sugreeva
21. Rama's Anger at Ocean
22. Bridge on Ocean
23. Rama Notices Omens
24. Rama at Lanka
25. Spies Visit Monkey Army
26. Ravana Surveys Monkey Army
27. Monkey Army Further Described
28. Spies Show Rama and Lakshmana
29. Ravana Sends Another Group of Spies
30. Shardula Describes Rama's Army
31. Ravana's Attempt to Convince Sita
32. Sita Wails
33. Sarama Consoles Sita
34. Ravana's Decision on Sita
35. Malyavan Attempts to Dissuade Ravana
36. Ravana Chides Malyavan
37. Rama Finalizes War Strategy
38. Rama at Suvela Mountain
39. Rama Surveys Lanka
40. Sugreeva Attacks Ravana
41. Angadha as Emissary
42. Commencement of War
43. Escalation of War
44. Indrajit's Fight
45. Rama and Lakshmana Fall to Indrajit's Arrows
46. Indrajit's Claim
47. Rakshasas Celebrate
48. Sita Wails and Trijata Consoles
49. Rama Wails for Lakshmana
50. Garuda Frees Rama and Lakshmana
51. Dhoomraksha Goes to War
52. Hanuman Kills Dhoomraksha
53. Ravana Sends Vajradamshtra
54. Angadha Kills Vajradamshtra
55. Ravana Sends Akampana
56. Hanuman Kills Akampana
57. Ravana Sends Prahastha
58. Nila Kills Prahastha
59. Ravana Enters Battle Field
60. Kumbhakarna Woken Up
61. Vibheeshana Tells About Kumbhakarna
62. Ravana's Request to Kumbhakarna
63. Kumbhakarna's Advice to Ravana
64. Mahodhara's Advice to Ravana
65. Kumbhakarna at Battle Field.
66. Monkeys Frightened on Seeing Kumbhakarna
67. Rama Kills Kumbhakarna
68. Ravana Wails for Kumbhakarna's Death
69. Angadha Kills Narantaka
70. Ravana's Sons and Brothers Killed
71. Lakshmana Kills Athikaya
72. Ravana is Upset
73. Indrajit at Battle Field
74. Hanuman Brings Herbal Mountain
75. War Intensifies
76. Monkey Chiefs Exterminate Rakshasa Heroes
77. Hanuman Kills Nikumbha
78. Makaraksha Goes to War
79. Rama Kills Makaraksha
80. Indrajit Comes Again to Battle Field
81. Indrajit Kills Illusory Sita
82. Hanuman Wages Great War
83. Lakshmana Enraged
84. Vibheeshana's Advice to Stop Indrajit's Yagna
85. Lakshmana Reaches Nikumbila
86. Yagna at Nikumbila Stopped
87. Vibheeshana Takes Lakshmana to Sacred Spot
88. Great War Between Indrajit and Lakshmana
89. Vibheeshana and Monkey Chiefs Join Battle
90. Lakshmana Kills Indrajit
91. Rama Appreciates Lakshmana
92. Ravana Wails for Indrajit
93. Rama Exterminates Rakshasa Army
94. Rakshasis Wail
95. Ravana Enters Battle Field
96. Sugreeva Kills Viroopaksha
97. Sugreeva Kills Mahodhara
98. Angadha Kills Mahapaswa
99. Ravana and Rama Commence Battle
100. Ravana Wounds Lakshmana
101. Sushena Cures Lakshmana
102. Indra Sends Chariot to Rama
103. Ravana's Charioteer Takes Ravana Away
104. Ravana at Battle Field Again
!05. Agasthya Teaches Adithya Hrudayam
106. Ravana Sees Bad Omens
107. Great War of Rama and Ravana
108. Rama Kills Ravana
109. Vibheeshana Wails for Ravana
110. Ravana's Wives Wail
111. Mandodhari Wails
112. Vibheeshana Crowned
113. Hanuman Meets Sita
114. Rama Summons Sita
115. Sita Infront of Rama
116. Sita Enters Fire
117. Gods Tell Rama that He is Lord Vishnu
118. Fire God Returns Sita
119. Rama Meets Dasaratha
120. Indra Grants Boon
121. Vibheeshana Offers Pushpaka Vimana
122. Sugreeva and Vibheeshana Travel with Rama
123. Rama Shows Important Places to Sita
124. Rama at Sage Bharadwaja's Hermitage
125. Hanuman Meets Guha and Bharata
126. Hanuman Informs Bharata
127. Rama Reaches Ayodhya
128. Sri Rama Pattabhishekam [Crowning of Rama]

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