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Bala Kandam

Valmiki Ramayanam - Bala Kandam
By Sage Valmiki
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[Ramayanam (Story of Rama) is possibly the first epic written in Sanskrit and it is believed that it was written by sage Valmiki. It consists of six major sections called Kanda and has 24000 verses. Each Kanda is further divided in to Sargams (Chapters). The different Kandas are Bala Kandam (Boyhood Section - 77 Sargams), Ayodhya Kandam (Ayodhya Section - 119 Sargams), Aaranya Kandam (Forest Section - 75 Sargams), Kishkinda Kandam (Kishkindha Section - 67 Sargams), Sundara Kandam (Beauty / Hanuman Section - 68 Sargams) and Yuddha Kandam (War Section - 128 Sargams). Being an epic which teaches about Dharma (proper way of life), it has been translated in to almost all Indian languages long long back. Two of the famous translations are by Kamban in to Tamil (Kamba Ramayanam) and by Sage Thulasidas in Hindi (Rama Charitha Manas). Both these great poets have taken lot of liberty with the original text of the story and have brought in changes to it. Of course there are large number of English Translations, many of which are available in the web. I had earlier translated Sundara Kandam in to English and recently one of my friends suggested me to translate the entire epic. I thought it as an order by God Rama and have started it. I am sure that I would be able to complete it with his blessings.]

Section: I
Bala Kandam [Boyhood Section]

[This book starts with the story of why Valmiki decided to write Ramayana and ends with the return to Ayodhya of Rama and his brothers after their marriage.]

1. Samkshepa Ramayanam
2. Divine Guidance to Ramayana
3. Rama's Story
4. Entrusts Singing of Epic
5. Ayodhya's Description
6. Ayodhya's Kings and People
7. Ayodhya's Administration
8. Aswamedha Sacrifice Proposal
9. Rishya Sringa's Story
10. Rishya Sringa and Anga Desa
11. Rishya Sringa and Ayodhya
12. Aswamedha Sacrifice Planning
13. Aswamedha Sacrifice Arrangements
14. Aswamedha Sacrifice
15. Puthreshti and Story of Ravana
16. Puthra Kameshti
17. Creation of Monkeys
18. Dasaratha's Sons Birth and Education
19. Viswamithra's Request
20. Dasaratha's Reluctance
21. Vasishta's Advice
22. Viswamithra's Teaching
23. Lord Shiva's Hermitage
24. Saryu-Ganga Confluence & Thataka
25. Thataka's Story
26. Thataka's Killing
27. Teaching of Divine Weapons
28. Teaching of Power to Exterminate
29. Viswamithra's Penance
30. Rama's Protection
31. Journey to Mithila
32. Kushnabha's Story
33. Kushanabha's Daughters Marriage
34. King Gadhi's Story
35. Ganga's Story
36. Karthikeya's Birth Story
37. Karthikeya's Birth
38. King Sagara's Story
39. Horse Search and Digging of Earth
40. Sagaras and Sage Kapila
41. Yagna Completion
42. Bhagiratha's Penance
43. Bhagiratha's Bringing of Ganga
44. Brahma's Blessing of Bhagiratha
45. Ocean Churning Story
46. Dithi's Penance and Indra
47. Maruths and Vishala Story
48. Ahalya's Story
49. Ahalya's Freedom from Curse
50. Rama and Lakshmana Introduction
51. Viswamithra's Story
52. Vasishta's Feast to Viswamithra
53. Sabala and Viswamithra
54. Viswamithra and Sabala
55. Viswamithra's Defeat
56. Viswamithra's Defeat by Vasishta
57. Viswamithra's Penance and Trishanku
58. Trishanku and Viswamithra
59. Viswamithra's Yagna for Trishanku
60. Trishanku Heaven Creation
61. Viswamithra's Penance & Sunasepha
62. Sunasepha and Viswamithra
63. Viswamithra and Menaka
64. Viswamithra and Rambha
65. Viswamithra as Brahmarishi
66. Sita's Story and Shiva's Bow
67. Rama's Breaking of Bow
68. Dasaratha's Journey to Mithila
69. Dasaratha at Mithila
70. Rama's Clan Details
71. Janaka's Clan Details
72. Kusadwaja's Daughters
73. Marriage Celebration
74. Ayodhya Journey
75. Parasurama's Story and Vishnu Bow
76. Parasurama's Pride Destruction
77. Ayodhya Arrival

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