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Aranya Kandam

Valmiki Ramayanam - Aranya Kandam
By Sage Valmiki
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Section: III
Aranya Kandam [Aranya Section]

[This book starts with the reaching of Rama to Dandakaranya (literally punishing forests) and ends with the abduction of Sita by Ravana and killing of Kabandha who advises Rama to meet Sabari and later Sugreeva.]

1. Rama Enters Dandakaranya
2. Rama Meets Viradha
3. Fight with Viradha
4. Viradha is Killed
5. Rama Meets Sage Sarabhanga
6. Sages Meet Rama
7. Rama Meets Sage Sutheeshna
8. Rama Talks to Sage Sutheeshna
9. Sita Advises Rama
10. Rama Replies to Sita
11. Rama's Life in Dandakaranya
12. Agasthya Gives Vishnu's Bow to Rama
13. Agasthya Directs Rama to Panchavati
14. Rama Meets Jatayu
15. Lakshmana Builds Hermitage in Panchavati
16. Winter Description
17. Soorpankha Meets Rama
18. Lakshmana Disfigures Soorpanakha
19. Khara sends Soldiers to Capture Rama
20. Rama Kills Khara's Soldiers
21. Soorphanaka Berates Khara
22. Khara Goes to War Against Rama
23. Khara's March
24. Rama's Preparation for War Against Khara
25. Rama and Khara's Army War
26. Rama Kills Dhooshana
27. Rama Kills Trisiras
28. Rama's Fight with Khara
29. Rama's Fight with Khara Continues
30. Khara's Death
31. Ravana is informed about Khara's Death
32. Soorpanakha Meets Ravana
33. Soorpanakha's Complaint to Ravana
34. Soorpanakha's Description of Rama and Sita
35. Ravana at Mareecha's Hermitage
36. Ravana Requests for Mareecha's Assistance
37. Mareecha tries to Dissuade Ravana
38. Mareecha's Narration: Interaction with Rama
39. Mareecha's Narration: Encounter with Rama
40. Ravana Threatens Mareecha
41. Ravana's Proposal to Mareecha
42. Sita Sees Golden Deer
43. Sita's Request for Deer
44. Mareecha is Killed
45. Lakshmana in Search of Rama
46. Ravana as Mendicant
47. Ravana Reveals Identity
48. Ravana Introduces Himself
49. Ravana Carries Sita
50. Jatayu Advises Ravana
51. Jatayu and Ravana Fight
52. Ravana Abducts Sita
53. Sita Reasons with Ravana
54. Ravana Reaches Lanka with Sita
55. Ravana's Attempt to Convince Sita
56. Ravana's Threat to Sita
57. Rama Returns to Janasthana
58. Rama Finds Hermitage Empty
59. Lakshmana Reports to Rama
60. Rama Wails for Sita
61. Initial Search for Sita
62. Rama in Sorrow
63. Rama is Upset
64. Rama Finds Traces of Attack on Sita
65. Lakshmana's Advice to Rama
66. Lakshmana Consoles Rama
67. Rama and Jatayu
68. Jatayu's Death
69. Rama Meets Ayomukhi
70. Kabandha's Arms
71. Kabandha's Story
72. Kabandha's Request to Rama
73. Kabandha's Guidance
74. Rama Meets Sage Sabari
75. Rama Reaches Pampa

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