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Raghu Kula Chandranukku

Sri Raghu Kula Chandranukku Shaobhane
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

(These Shobane songs were sung when the bride groom is being invited to take oil bath before marriage.)

Raga Pandu Varali
Thala Roopaka




1, Sri Raghu kula chandrunuku
Srutha kairava Chandranuku,
Pooritha daya saandrunukku,
Bhoga Mahendranukku.

2. Shobhaname Ramanukku,
Sugunabhi Ramanukku,
Prabhava jaya damanukku,
Shobhana Ramanukku

English Translation


Wishing for good things


1, To The moon of the Raghu dynasty,
To the one who is like the white lotus of the moon,
To the one who is filled completely with mercy,
To the one who enjoys like the great Indra.

2. Wishing good things to Rama,
To him who is store house of good qualities,
Who is store house of fame for victories,
Wishing good things to Rama.

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