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Nalanguidugiral Meeana Lochani

Nalanguidugiral Meeana Lochani
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

(These are sung during Nalungu which is a play between the groom and bride meant to break the ice.)


Nalangidugiral Meena Lochini


1. Nalangidugiral Meena Lochani,
Nadarudan Vandu Kooda,
Naradarum Nalla Ganangalai Pada,
Nana Vida Taalam Poda,

2. Neela Varna Divya Manjalai Edutthu,
Nithyanandarai Kurithu,
Poorithu, Bhoopathi Padathile Ittal,
Pushpa Haram Marbil Pottal.

3. Swarna Panneer Chombai - Jothi eduthal,
Sundareswarar Mel Thelithal,
Vasanai Kalanda Parimalam Poosinal,
Vanangi Chamaram Veesinal

4. Visthiramai Neenda Nettiyai Thottal,
Kasthuri Thilagangal Ittal,
Malligaiyai Chelli Kai Ale Thelithal,
Maha devar Veniyile Mudithal

5. Thanga Thambalam Thaga Thaga endru Eduthal,
Thamboolangaludan Koduthal,
Munnale Nandraga Pathiyam Padithal,
Meenakshi Priyal Manasai Sada Pidithal

(Translated in to free English verse)

Our girl Meenalochani,
Is decorayting her darling


1. When she came with her husband,
Narada sang beautiful songs,
And all kept different beats.

2. Taking the blue coloured divine turmeric,
Thinking of him who is happy for ever,
With happiness filling her mind,
She decorated the feet of her king.

3. Golden pitcher with scented water she took,
And sprinkled on the God of beauty
And applied she scented balms,
And also fanned him with peacock feathers.

4. She caressed his wide long forehead,
And applied round dot with musk divine,
And took jasmine flowers in a lot,
And put it in his made up hair.

5. She took a glittering gold plate,
And gave him with Thamboola,
And also sang nice Pathiyams,
And thus our darling Meenakshi caught hold of his mind.

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