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Madhura Puri Easwariyal

Madhura Puri Easwariyal
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

(These Songs are sung when the bride and groom swing for the first time on a decorated swing.)

Ragam BHairavi
Thalam Yeka


Aadir oonjal


1. Madhura puri easswariyal, mahimayagi,
Mangai manavalar udan deviyagi,
Malaya dwaja pandya mahimayagi,
Raja rajeswariyal aadir Oonjal

2. Chengolum pattayuma - thirukarathil yendi,
Desamengum aala pattabhishegam choodi,
Rajanga koluvirukkum rajyamala,
Raja rajeswariyal aadir oonjal

English Translation


Swing in the swing


1. The goddess of the town of Madurai superbly,
Becoming Goddess with her husband,
Became the daughter of Malaya Dwaja Pandya,
Let that Rajarajeswari swing in the swing.

2. Holding the scepter and authority to rule in her hands,
She crowned herself to rule all the countries,
And for the sake of ruling became the ruler,
Let that Rajarajeswari swing in the swing.

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