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Aanandam Aanandam Aayenamana

Aanandam Aanandam Aayenamana
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

(This song immediately after the Mangalya Dharana is over.)

Raga Bhiravai
Thala Aadhi


Ananda mananda maayena mana


1. Ramud Pelli kodukkayena, mana,
Seethamma pendli koothruvayena,
Kousalya nochina china nomu saphala mayene
Ananda mananda maayena mana

2. Rathnala palakavesi - Seetha,
Ramu lidharu koorthsundri - chelu,
Lathi vegavirulu srungarinchiri - Brahma,
Nanda vadhyamula sadamrokinchiri
Ananda mananda maayena mana

English Translation


Become happy and happy that our


1. Rama has become the bride groom and that our,
Mother Sita has become his bride and,
The penance that Kousalya observed has borne fruit.

2. By putting a plank made fully of gems,
And on that Sita and Rama sat on it,
And on that they became showing their love,
To each other and Lord Brahma,
Played musical instruments.

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