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Aadi Poorathu Uditha

Aadi Poorathu Uditha
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

(Laali songs are sung after Oonjal like Pachai podal Vara Poojai etc.)

Raga Kurinchi
Thala Mishra Chapu




1. Aadi porathu uditha Aandal nam kodhai,
Aani arangarudan Oonjal aadinal appothe

2. Padi pamalai thantha patta piran kothai,
Pani arangarudan aadinaal Appothe

English Translation




1. Then itself our Kodhai born in the month of aadi,
In the star of pooram swung along with Ranganatha

2. That Kothat who sung about the great crowned God,
Swung then itself with Sri Ranga Natha.

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