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Yedayya Gathi Enakku

Yedayya Gathi Enakku
By Koteeswara Iyer
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Raga Chalantha
Thala Aadi


Yedayya gathi enakku


Ma dayanidhi, umapathi,
Sukumara varaguna nidhi nee thaan alladhu ver


Pedhai enakku arul kattidu,
Ennodu edhayya vilayatta,
Bhoothala chalanattha nin taal taan gathi
Pugazh kavi kunjara dasanukku ver

English translation


Who is my refuge


Treasure of mercy, consort of Uma,
Pretty one, the treasure of boons, except you who else


Please show grace to this innocent me,
Why do you want to play with me,
Your feet which does not move with the world is my refuge,
Says the famous poet Kunjara Dasa.

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