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Yaro Ivar Yaro

Yaro Ivar Yaro
By Arunachala Kavi
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

[This song has three Charanams but only the last Charanam given is normally sung. ]

Raga Bhairavi
Tala Aadi


Yaro ivar yaro, yenna pero ariyene,


Karulavum chirulavum mithilayil,
Kannimadam thannil munne nindravar


3. Chandra bimba mukha malarale.
yennai thane parkiraar, orukkal
Anda naalil thondham pole urugiraar
Inda nalil vandu sevai tharugirar

English translation


Who is he, what is his name, I do not know.


All the people in the earth and heaven,
Stood before the maid's quarters in Mithila.


3. He is glancing at me with his,
Moon like flower of a face,
Possibly it is due to our past connection,
That he is serving me now.

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