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Vadavarayai Mathakki

Vadavarayai Mathakki
By Ilango Adigal
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Ragamalika
Talam Aadi

[This great poem occurs in silappadikaram which is one of the old epics of Tamil Nadu. This song was popularised by the great M. S . Subbalakshmi.]

1. vadavarayai mathakki, vasukiyai naan aaki,
Kadal vannan pandu oru naal kadal vayiru kalikkinaye,
Kalakkiya kai yasodayaar, kadai kayithaal kattun kai,
Malar kamala undiyai maayamo marutkaithe.

Did you not make the northern mountain as the churner and snake Vasuki as a rope,
Oh God who is colour of the sea, Churn the deep belly of the sea,
Oh God with a flower in your belly, how come your hands were tied,
By Yasoda with a hand that churned curd, Is it an illusion or is it for deceiving.

2. Aru porul ivan, yendre, Amara ganam thozhthetha,
Uru pasi yondru indriye ulagadaya undanaye
Unda vai kalavinaan uri vennai undal vaay,
Vanduzhayai Malayai, Maayamo maruthkaithe.

Thinking that you are the divine thing which is difficult to get,
The crowd of devas worshiped you stifling a great hunger,
But You ate as much as the entire world,
Oh God who ate the stolen butter from the butter shelf,
Which turned in to mountain of thulasi, Is it an illusion or is it for deceiving.

3. Thiranda amar thozhthethum thirumaal nin chengamala,
Irandu adiyaam moovulagum irul theera nadanthanaye,
Nadantha adi panchavakku thoothaga nadantha adi,
Madangalai maarattay, Maayamo, maruthkiththe.

When the assembled devas were worshiping your lotus like feet,
You walked in two steps the entire three worlds,
Oh God who walked as an emissary to pandavas,
And how come those steps to the great buildings, did not change,
Is it an illusion or is it deceiving?

4. Moovaulakum eeradiyaal murai nirambaa vagai mudiya
Thaviya Sevadi serppa, thambiyodum kaanpontha,
Sorvalarum pormudiya thol ilangai Kettazhitha
Sevagan seer kelatha sevi enna seviye,
Thirmal seer kelatha sevi yenna seviye.

With two steps you systematically jumped over the three worlds,
And those steps along with your brother reached
The golden and great lanka which was completely destroyed,
And can you call that ear which has no heard the greatness of the follower an ear at all,
And can you call the greatness of Lord Vishnu an ear at all.

5. Periyavanai mayavanai perulagamellam,
Viri kamala undhiiyudai vinnavanai kannum,
Thiruvadiyum kayyum kani vayum seyya,
Kariyavanai kanatha kannenna kanne,
kan imaithu kaanpar tham kannenna kanne

When the eye, the feet, the hands and the mouth,
Tried to know the great one, the enchanter who was,
The Lord Vishnu who has open lotus on his belly,
And who has occupied all this great world,
What type of eye is it, that did not see the black god,
And those eyes which did not him without batting the lashes,
What type of eye it is?
(Note. I am confused with this verse, The only other reference says that it deals with Balarama and Krishna being seen by the whole world. I invite comments.)

6. Madan thalum nenjathu thanjanaar vanjam,
Nadanthanai ethuvarpal nathisayum pothra,
Thodarnthu aaranam muzhanga panjavarkku thoothu,
Nadanthaanai yethaatha navenna naave,
Narayana enna navanna naave

When the woman bent to give poison to you,
You proceeded against those who tried to harm you,
And you were praised by people from four directions,
And later with drums making great sound,
You walked as an emissary to Pandavas,
What type of toungue it is, that did not sing about the one who walked,
What type of toungue it is that did not sing about Narayama.

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