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Thamarai Pootha Thadagamadi

Thamarai Pootha Thadagamadi
By Tiruchi Logannathan
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Sindhu Bhairavi
Thalam AAdhi

Thamara pootha thadagamadi - chen,
Thamizh nadha then pongi poyuthadi, Jnana

1. Paa mazhayaal varaa poygaiyadi - thamizh,
Pain kiligal chuthi paduthadi - jnana

2. Kaviya cholai athan kavi azhage,
Adhan kavinjargal karpanaikku oar perum suvaye,
AAvi magizhum thamizh thendral athe,
Ithu amuthinai kottuthu par ithan aruge-jnana

English Translation

This is the lake of the lotus flowers of wisdom,
From that the honey of pure Tamil is ebbing out.

1. This is not the river made out or rain of poems,
And the pretty birds of Tamil are roaming and singing.

2. The beauty of its poems are in the garden of its epics,
The imagination of its poets has got a great taste,
It is the breeze of Tamil that adds joy to the soul,
And see that it is pouring nectar near it.

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