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Paripuraniye Manonmaniye

Paripuraniye Manonmaniye
By N. S. Chidambaram
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Raga Sunada Vinodhini
Thala Adhi


Paripooraniye, manonmaniye,
Papa vinasiniye, yen thaye


Parivodu inda parinai yellam,
Paripalithu idum para Shakthi


Nithya niranjani nirmala Kalyani
Neela mani jaya geervani,
Sathya jnana Jyothi swaroopini,
Sama rasa Veda sunada vinodhini

English translation


The fully complete Goddess, The Goddess attractive to the mind,
The Goddess who removes sins, My mother


Oh divine power who looks after,
This entire earth with tender care


She who is perennially interesting,
She who in her purity does only good,
She who is a blue jewel, victory to her sung about by devas,
She who has the form of the light of true knowledge,
She who likes the sound of chanting of Sama Veda.

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