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Mangalam Jaya Mangalam

Mangalam Jaya Mangalam
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam Surutti
Thalam aadhi

Mangalam jaya Mangalam,
Mahalakshmikki mangalam

Mangalam Rukmani Madhava sri Hari,
Pankakaja lochana Parabrahma swaroopiki.

1. Sri Vara Lakshmi Divya nonbai,
Aavaludan cheyyum anbulla matharukkum

2. Pulla maharshi poorna thavathu uditha,
Melliya Padmasani malaradi thuthipporokku

3. Varalakshmi nonbu varishayai cheyvorkkum,
Mangalam, Mangalam Mahalakshmikki

English Translation

Auspiciousness, Victorious auspiciousness,
Auspiciousness to Maha Lakshmi.

Auspiciousness to that Lord Hari,
Who is lotus eyed and has the form of divine Brahman,
And who is with Rugmani.

1. To those dear ladies who with great love,
Do this divine penance of Vara Lakshmi (Auspiciousness).

2. To those who pray the tender lotus like feet of She who sits on a lotus,
Who was born as a result of the great penance of the great sage Pulla.

3. Auspiciousness to those who do regular penance of Vara Lakshmi
And auspiciousness to Maha Lakshmi.

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