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Karpagavalli Nin Por Paadangal

Karpagavalli Nin Por Paadangal
By Yazhpaanam N. Veeramani Iyer
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Raga: Raagamaalikaa
Tala: Aadi


1. Karpagavalli nin porpaadhangal pidiththaen [aanandha bhairavi]
nar gathi arulvaay ammaa devi

2. Par palarum pothrum padi mayila puriyil,
Sirpam niraindha uyar singara kovil konda.


1. Nee indha velai thannil cheyan ennai marandhal [Ananda Bhairavi]
Naan indha naa nilathil nadudhal yaridam amma?
Yen indha mounam ammaaezhai yenakku arula?
Ananda bhairaviye adharithu arululm amma.

2. Yellorukkum inbangal ezhilay irainji endrum, [Kalyani]
Nalla aakshi cheydhidum nayagiye nithya,
Kalyaniye Kapali kaadal puriyum andha,
Ullasiye Umaa, Unnai nambinen amma.

3. Nageswari neeye, nambidum yennai kaappai,[Bageswari]
Vageswari maaye varai, Ithu tharunam,
Bageswari thaye parvathiye, Indha
Logeswari neeye ulaginil thunai amma.

4. Anjana mayy idum ambike, Yem piraan,[Ranjani]
Konji kulavidum vanjiye, nin idam,
Thanjamena adaindhen thaye un chey naan,
Ranjaniye rakshippay kenjugiren amma.

English Translation


1. Oh Karpagavalli I have caught your golden feet,
Oh God mother, grant me salvation.

2. Oh goddess who is in the tall pretty temple of Mylapore,
Which has lot of sculptures and is appreciated by very many people.


1. If you forget this little one at this time
To whom shall I approach in his world, mother?
Why this silence mother to show your grace to this poor one,
Oh Ananda Bhairavi, please support and shower your grace on me.

2. Oh Goddess, who rules extremely well,
By giving joyous life to everybody,
Oh Goddess who does good everyday,
Oh happy one to whom Lord Shiva loves,
Oh Uma, I believe in you mother.

3. You are the goddess of serpents, please save me who believes in you,
You are the goddess of words, Oh enchantress, this is the time,
Oh mother Bagesawari, Oh Parvathi,
You are the goddess of this world; you are my only help in this world.

4. Oh mother who puts black collyrium, Oh young women,
To whom our Lord talks loving words, Oh mother,
I have come and surrendered to you, Oh Ranjani,
I am your son, Oh mother, I beg to protect me.

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