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Kaatrinile Varum Geetham

Kaatrinile Varum Geetham
By Kalki Krishnamurthi
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Raga Sindhu BHairavi
Thala Eka


Kaatrinile varum geetham
Kangal panithida pongum geetham
Kallum kaniyum geetham


1. Pattamarangal thalirkkum geetham
Pannoli pongidum geetham
Kaattu vilangum kette mayangum madhuramohana geetham
Nenjinile - Nenjinil inba kanalai ezhuppi ninaivazhikkum geetham

2. Sunai vandudan solaikkuyilum manam kuvindhidavum
Vaanavelithanil thaara kanangal thayangi nindridavum
Aah, en solven maayappillai venkuzhalum pozhi geetham

3. Nila malarndha iravinil thendral ulaavidum nadhiyil-
Neela niarathu baalagan oruvan kuzhal oodhi nindraan
Kaalemellaam-Kaalamellaam avan kaadhalai enni
urugumo en ullam- Kaatriniley varum geetham

English Translation


The song that travels through wind,
That song that brings tears in your eyes,
That song which makes even stone melt.


1. That song which makes even dead wood put up a new twig,
That song in which the sound of music ebbs,
That pretty sweet song that makes even wild animals sleep,
That song which ignites a fire in the heart and makes you swoon.

2. Ho, what shall I tell, the song from the white flute of that enchanted boy,
Even the nightingale of the garden, on coming of the stream, would get enthralled,
And even in the stars in the sky would hesitate and stand.

3. In the night when the moon shine, In the river where the breeze strolls,
A boy who is of blue color, Stood singing on the flute,
For ever, Would my heart melt thinking of his love forever.

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