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Kaakka Vendro Kaalai

Kaakka Vendro Kaalai
By Andavan Pitchai
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Raga Begada
Tala Aadhi


Kaakka vendro kalai thooki nindree ayah
Kanaaga sabha nadhare - emmai


Akkavum Kakkavum Azhika vallavar neere
Ekkam thavirthu vinai thakki thayavudane


1. Parvathi deviyum pakkathil nindrida
Parthu magizhndu devar pathinettu isayum pada
Aravamudan nandhi mathalam poda
Oorthava thandavam adi ulagamellam

2. Pambum Pulium potra paril ponnabmlathe
Padthanthooki adiaya paramantha natane
Vembanium maran vendiya padi ingu
Vedham thedium kana Padham mari adiye

English translation


Lord, for protecting us, you lifted one leg and stood,
Oh Lord of the golden stage -


You are the only one capable of creation.
Upkeep and destruction, avoid worries,
Attack fate and with mercy, oh Lord


1. With Goddess Parvathi standing by your side,
With Gods singing eighteen music, as they were pleased,
With Nandhi of Lord Shiva playing the drum,
By dancing the orrdhwa thandavam, protect the world, Oh Lord

2. With tiger and snake appreciating you in the golden stage,
You danced the dance of of joy lifting your leg
And as per the request of Manmatha consigned to fire,
You danced with altered feet which is searched by Vedas.

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