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Innamum Para Mukham Yeno

Innamum Para Mukham Yeno
By Duraisamy Kavi Rayar
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Raga Begada
Thala Roopaka


Innamum para mukham yeno,
Idhu unakku neethi thaano.


Vanna thogai mayil mel valar,
Vayyapuri Vel murugayya


Manira valli magizhum manavala,
Mathavar sevitha pankaja malar tala,
Thenor kadambanai thol adhira,
Veer asura samhara.

English translation


Why the indifference even now,
Is it proper justice to you?


Oh Vel Muruga of Vayyapuri,
Who rides on the peacock with coloured feathers.


The groom who made the mind of soft coloured Valli happy,
Whose lotus like feet is served by sages,
The valorous one who killed Kadamba,
By making his shoulders shake.

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