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Indha Vibheeshanan

Indha Vibheeshanan
By Arunachala Kavi Rayar
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Ragam: Khamas
Talam: Adhi

(Rama makes Vibheeshana the King of Lanka.)

Indaa Vibheeshan Lanka puri Rajjiyam
Indraadi Devargal Ull Naal varaikum
Vedham ullalavum vedha geetham ullalavum Pari
Jaatham Ullalavum Pancha bootham ullalavum... Thanden

I have given this country of Lanka to this Vibheeshana,
As long as Indra and all other Gods are there,
As long as Vedas are there, as long as songs of Veda are there,
As long as Parijatha flower is there as long as five elements are there.

Kaarullalavum Kadal Neerullalavum Eer ezh
paar ullalavum endan per ullalavum... Thanden

As long as clouds are there, as long as water is there,
As long as earth is there and as long as my name is there. I have given.

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