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Bharathi Devi

Bharathi Devi
By Ambhujam Velayudam
Translated by P. R. Ramchander

Raga: Mohana Kalyani
Thala: Aadhi


Bharathui devi vanthiduvay, aaya kalaigal thandjiduvay,
Sharadhe veenayai meetituduvay, Saptha swara jalam kattiduvay.


Odi unarndhida un arul illayel,
Medhiniyil pugal edhmma?
Nadam isaithida naan marandalum,
Nee yen naavil nadam cheyya vendum amma
Naan mugan nayaki panivorkku arul dhayaki,
Aagamam pugazh Vani jegam mohana kalyani.

English Translation


Oh Goddess Saraswathi, please come and give us all known arts,
Oh Goddess Sarada, please play the Veena and show us the magic of seven notes.


If you are grace is not there to approach and understand,
Where is the place of protection in this world,
Even if I forget to play the musical sound,
Oh mother you should come and dance on my tongue,
Oh consort of four headed Brahma, Oh giver of grace to those who salute you,
Oh Saraswathi praised by Vedas, Oh bewitcher of the world, Oh doer of all that is good.

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