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Anbu Vellame

Anbu Vellame
By Ashok Madhav
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Raga Shubha panthuvarali
Tala aadi


Anbu vellame arumuga deivame
Anudinam unnia panindullen


Tunba mellam teerkum Tiruvarule
Deena sharanya dayanidhiye


Kanda kanda enru kadri tavithen
Vandiduvai viraindu vaahanathin meedu
Tandidu vai arul taamada millamal
Undan bhaktan tozhum bharani devane

English translation


Oh god with six faces, the flood of love,
I have saluted you every day.


Oh divine grace removing all sorrows,
Oh God of the oppressed, Oh treasure of mercy


I suffered with anguish crying Kanda, Kanda
Please come quickly on your steed,
Give me grace without any further delay,
Your friend and devotee who is Bharani devan.

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