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Aarukkum Adangatha

Aarukkum Adangatha
By Harikesavanallur Muthaiah Bhagawathar
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Raga Begada
Thalam aadhi

AArukkum adangatha neeli,
Ponnambathadum Kali

Parul para brahmathai adakkiya saayai,
Padum vedangangalum ariyatha maayai

Paramanandanai paathiyai mathinaal,
Paranthaman mukamathil pal vilangu ethinaal,
Siramadu aru padave vinai thanai thoothinaal,
Harikesanagar Vaazhum yemmai kaapathinaal

English meaning

The blue goddess who cannot be controlled by any one,
The Kali who dances in the golden temple at Chidambaram,

She who has controlled Para Brahmam in this earth,
The illusion who cannot be understood even by the singing Vedangas

She made the body of the great joyous god in to half
She praised clearly Lord Vishnu to his face,
When Brahma’s head was cut, she blamed the fate,
And protected me who lives in Hari kesa nagar.

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